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Rocket Derby!

In the Fall we also hold our Pack Rocket Derby.  This is a non-competitive event where the scouts work with their parent to construct a model rocket from a kit and then launch them into space!  We usually hold this event in November at Mount St Mary Abbey in Wrentham.  We insert engines into the rockets and the boys get to push the ignition button to launch their rocket.  I think half of the fun is chasing after their rocket as it falls back to earth!

Brandon BIg Rocket
Brandon decided to merge two kits together…didn’t fly very high, but put on an interesting show!

Pack Camping Trip at Camp Sayre

Pack 92 runs an annual fall camping trip that takes place at the end of September or early October each year.  This past fall we camped out at Camp Sayre in Milton, MA which is also home to New England Base Camp.  We started out with a rainy Friday that delayed our start a bit however we showed up in force on Saturday morning, set up camp, cooked lunch, enjoyed the activities at NE Base Camp (ropes, bouldering, bb guns, archery, tomahawk throw, ax yard activities, swimming, and boat safety).  After a lovely group dinner of “Taco in a Bag” we got the fire blazing for our skit/song show, flag retirement ceremony, and of course roasting marshmallows for s’mores!

Rocky Woods Summer Hike

Our final summer activity was an early morning hike at Rocky Woods in Medfield.  What a great location for a hike in the woods!  They have a really great picnic pavilion and a pond with kayaking, canoeing, and fishing available.  They also have a great fire ring that was created as a local Eagle Scout project.  We hope to return here soon for one of our many yearly activities!

Pack Summer Hike

District Chuck Wagon Derby

Each year in June the Scouts of the Seven Rivers District come together for a friendly competition that tests the “scout skills” learned throughout the year.  In small teams the scouts compete in various activities such as obstacle course, planks & crates, compass, BB Gun/Rubber Band Gun target shooting, and archery (older scouts).  The scouts decorate and pull a Conestoga style “Chuck Wagon” during the competition.

Pack 92 had three wagons compete this past year and had success with several of the wagon crews winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place ribbons along the way.  That evening we camped at Camp Resolute and had a fun Camp Fire Skit Show and Yummy S’mores!

Memorial Day in Franklin

Mem Day Group1

Franklin had a wonder Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony this past weekend.  Pack 92 participated along with the many other Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Girl Scouts, Bands, and other organizations in town.  A great opportunity to display civic duty and understand the sacrifices that our military men and woman have made for our freedom over the decades.


Spring Crossover at King Street Park

The Official Crossover Bridge

Every spring towards the end of the school year we hold an advancement event and ceremony for our scouts.  This year we celebrated our scouts at the King Street Park which turned out to be a much better location that in past years.  We had a blast with afternoon activities, a tasty cookout, and evening “crossover” ceremony.  Congratulations to our scouts on a successful year and their new ranks!

Tiger Den 6 in Jail…they successfully broke out!
The New Wolves after Crossover Over from Tiger Rank