Upcoming Events

Here is our annual calendar (link to PDF) and a list of upcoming events for Pack 92:

Scout Year Calendar 2018-19

Monday 1/14: Monthly Pack Meeting 7pm Charter School

Friday 1/25: Pinewood Derby Car Inspection & Impound 6pm Charter School

Saturday 1/26: Pinewood Derby Racing 2pm Charter School

Sunday 2/3: Scout Sunday

Sunday 2/10: Group Fitness at Franklin Family Karate

Monday 2/14: Monthly Pack Meeting 7pm Charter School

Sunday 3/10: Blue & Gold Banquet 12pm Franklin Elks

Saturday 3/23: Pack Overnight at Worcester Ecotarium

Recent Pack Events:

  • Saturday 12/15: Annual Holiday Show at Benchmark Senior Living in Franklin
  • Sunday 11/18: Rocket Derby at Mount St. Mary’s Abbey in Wrentham
  • Sunday 10/21: Fall Hike at Joe’s Rock in Wrentham
  • Fri-Sat 9/28 – 9/29: Annual Fall Camping Trip at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation
  • Saturday 8/25:  Hiking at Borderland State Park in North Easton (9AM)
  • Wednesday 8/8:  Movie Night at Collins House in Wrentham (7-9PM)
  • Wednesday 8/1:  Summer Games at Fletcher Field Franklin (6:30 -8PM)
  • Saturday 7/21:  Scavenger Hunt at Dacey Field in Franklin (4PM)
  • Saturday 7/14:  Family Bike Ride at Milford Bike Trail, Meet at Lake Louisa (10AM)
  • Sunday 6/24 Minute Cub Muster at Wayside Inn
  • Saturday 6/23 Pawsox Game and Sleepover on the Field
  • Sunday 6/10 Pack 92 Annual Fishing Derby at Uncas Pond
  • Saturday 6/2 Seven Rivers District Chuck Wagon Derby
  • Monday 5/28 Franklin Memorial Day Parade
  • Sunday 5/20 Annual Rank Crossover and Family BBQ
  • Saturday 4/28 Spring Overnight at Boston Museum of Science
  • Sunday 3/11 Pack Blue & Gold at Franklin Elks
  • Sunday 2/11 Archery at Ace Archers in Foxboro
  • Saturday 1/29 Pack Pinewood Derby
  • Saturday 12/9 Holiday Show at Forge Park Senior Living in Franklin
  • Sunday 11/12 Pack Rocket Derby, Mount St Abbey Fields in Wrentham
  • Sunday 10/29 Pack Hike, F Gilbert Hills State Forrest in Foxboro
  • Saturday 9/23 – 9/24  Pack Camping Trip, Camp Sayre in Milton, MA



Minute Cub Muster at Wayside Inn

A few of our Scout Families took advantage of the opportunity to check out the bi-annual Minute Cub Muster, which was held at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury.   The Minute Cub Muster features revolutionary war re-enactors who help the Scouts learn about history.  There are numerous activities, song, music and discovery making this an event suitable for the entire Cub Scout family.  At the end is the infamous Marshmallow Gun Battle!  Congrats to our Scouts who attend this year.

Fishing Derby 2018

The fishing certainly were biting on the morning of June 10th as we gathered on the shore and dock of the Franklin Rod & Gun Club for our annual Fishing Derby event!   I think all of the Scouts caught at least a couple of fish and the dads were able to have some fun as well.  A great morning learning new skills and creating memories for our young Scouts!  Congrats to our big winners: Drew for Most Fish and Smallest (3.5″ Sunfish), Callum for Largest Fish (8.5″ Sunfish), and Peter for Most Fish Runner Up.


Chuck Wagon Derby 2018

We returned to Jarvis Farms in Walpole once again for the annual District Chuck Wagon Derby!  This is a great friendly competition between several of the Packs in our District that lets the Scouts show off the many skills they have acquired along the Scouting Trail.  The Scouts and Leaders decorate their Chuck Wagons based on the theme of the year.  This year’s theme was Mission Impossible!  The scouts had a blast testing their skills at crates & planks, compass reading, obstacle courses, and more.  Our older Webelos Scouts got to show off their skills with BB Guns, Archery, and Fire Building as well.  Pack 92 had a great showing and I think everyone had a great time!

Blue & Gold 2018

This year’s Blue & Gold Banquet was just sensational!  Every year we celebrate our scouts and families with a luncheon at the Franklin Elks.  We have awards for Scouts and Leaders and cross our Arrow of Light Scouts over to their new Boy Scout Troop.  We hired “Mad Science” to entertain us this year, which was a nice change of pace.  This is another “can’t miss” event that everyone really has a good time at celebrating scouting and spending time as a bigger scouting family.

Pinewood Derby Race

The Pinewood Derby is the TOP event for Cub Scouts each year.  This is one date that hardly anyone misses because it is just that much fun!  Scouts build cars out of blocks of wood with help from their parents and decorate/style based on the theme or type of car they want to make.  We race them for placement and use computer software and a digital timer to keep track of speed and time.  We also have design awards.  The top scouts move on to compete at the district race and if they are really fast Nationals in NYC!

Rocket Derby!

In the Fall we also hold our Pack Rocket Derby.  This is a non-competitive event where the scouts work with their parent to construct a model rocket from a kit and then launch them into space!  We usually hold this event in November at Mount St Mary Abbey in Wrentham.  We insert engines into the rockets and the boys get to push the ignition button to launch their rocket.  I think half of the fun is chasing after their rocket as it falls back to earth!

Brandon BIg Rocket
Brandon decided to merge two kits together…didn’t fly very high, but put on an interesting show!